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Model types

Chibi/Scuff modelHalf-body modelFull-body model

Chibi & Scuff

- Physics (If applicable)
- Limited torso movement (If possible)
- Includes 3 basic facial expressions


- Physics
- Simple MouthX tracking
- Eye physics
- 4 basic facial expressions


- Physics
- Simple MouthX tracking
- Eye physics
- 4 basic facial expressions
- Can add movement-related options such as side-stepping


The costs for options can vary a lot, depending on the base model complexity in that area. The following costs are intended as base lines, and we will have to assess your application to give specific quotes.

Extra expression toggles

$50+ (Depending on complexity)

*Requires additional art pieces from the artist.
The arm will follow the movements of the mouse cursor.

Custom Animations

$50+ (Depending on complexity)

*May require additional art layers.
For example, a waving animation needs an open hand.

Tongue tracking


*This is only available for iPhone devices (FaceID). Not supported by webcam or Android tracking.

Outfit changes

50%+ of model rig cost

*The movements of the model might change slightly depending on the outfit.

Other options:

- Idle-animation when tracking is lost: $200+- Additional hairstyle: 25%+ of model rig cost
- Additional arm toggle: 10%+ of model rig cost
Leg-related options only available for full-body rig)
- Hip movement: 10%+ of model rig cost
- Lean in/out: 10%+ of model rig cost
- Side stepping: 10%+ of model rig cost
- Kneeling: 10%+ of model rig cost

If there is anything not covered here, please let us know in your application what you would like to add.

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Project Managers

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About Seiryu

Seiryu is a Live2D guild with many experienced riggers and artists.The goal with Seiryu is to give our animators more time to work on models, artists more time to work on art, and ultimately increase overall work quality and speed for everyone in the guild.We have both English-speaking and Japanese-speaking riggers and artists, as well as people in the guild who can act as translators when things are needed to be accurately conveyed back and forth between them and the client.For a detailed list of our members please check the members section.

Where to contact us

If you want to apply for a commission, please check the commission page for relevant information.Otherwise feel free to tweet at us, or send us an e-mail with any questions if we have missed putting something in the FAQ!Before sending us an e-mail about price questions for a potential project, please be aware that we cannot give any quotes more specific than what is mentioned on the official price list.We can only give more exact prices once we are handling a commission application and have your PSD files available for checking.


If you want us to handle your project, we would love to!We open our guild commission form around every 3-6 months.

Current status: Closed

When we open commissions, it will take a couple of weeks for us to go through the applications and create a preliminary schedule.We will then contact the projects that would fit into our schedule for the current period, to confirm all the details.Once it seems like we won't be able to fit any more projects into our current schedule we will close commissions until the next period.


0. Quickfire questions:

- What program can I use for displaying my model?
We recommend Vtube Studio. Other programs such as Facerig could work, but we rig with Vtube Studio in mind.
- What devices can I use for face tracking?
Assuming you use Vtube Studio:
iPhone / Android / Webcam

1. What is the overall flow of the project, and when will things need to be paid?

1. Checking of the model PSD file / scheduling / payment (at least 50%)
First we will check your model and give you an exact quote on the cost for your project, as well as instructions for adjustments that would be needed to rig the model as intended.
*At this stage we would either ask that you request your artist to correct these, or ask us if we can handle these corrections.
If we are to do the corrections (and are able to do so), there will be extra costs based on complexity and size of the corrections.
We will also discuss scheduling based on when the art adjustments can be finished, and your intended date of debut.
Once a schedule has been agreed on we will ask that you pay 50% of the project cost in advance. Once this has been paid, your project will be considered running and locked in.

2. Rigging
The rigger will create a rig for your model as discussed, and we might check in with you to make sure certain details are set and rigged as intended.

3. Full payment
Once the model nears completion (around 80% finished) we ask that the remaining 50% of the project cost is paid. Once paid, we will deliver the model as soon as it is ready for live use. If you have already paid everything up front we will simply let you know when your model nears completion.

4. Model completion
Once the finished model has been delivered, you will have time period of one week (7 days) to request rigging adjustments and corrections up to three times for free. After those 2 weeks, further adjustment requests might incur additional costs.
Please be aware that these adjustments do not include new additions or major changes, and are things like the how the character smiles, how strong the physics are for things, fading speed of animations, etc.

2. What will be delivered to me when its done?

We will deliver the finished runtime model file, with the intention of it being used in mainly Vtube Studio.We do not provide the project source file to the client, we kindly ask that you do not request the source file.

3. What if I want to keep my upcoming Vtuber model a secret?
(non-disclosure agreement / NDA)

If the project is supposed to be handled as a secret, there is a selection for that in the application form. Please select that.This means that the rigger and Seiryu will not share any information or pictures of your model, up until you say it is fine that we do so, or when a public event such as a debut using the model is held, whichever comes first.Once your model is public, we ask that the rigger is publicly credited, and ask that they are allowed to show pictures or short videos of work in progress on the rig, as work references.

4. Is there anything particularly expected from me as a client?

As per normal rigger-client-etiquette, we expect that the rigger for your project is credited for their work.This is usually not a problem, as the lovely Vtuber community is often very open with this information.If for some reason you do not want to / is unable to credit the main rigger or Seiryu for having worked on your model, that can be done (white-labeling) but would increase the price for the project.

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Terms of Service

- We retain the right to refuse any project for any reason.- Our riggers are to be credited for the work they performed. Hence, we ask that the rigger responsible for your model rig is publicly credited for their work on your SNS and streaming platform.- We do not share the source files used for internal Live2D editing with the client. This means we only share the end-user runtime files for tracking-software.- Unless specifically requested and agreed upon in advance, the delivered files are for a model intended for regular usage. This means the models normally do not come with support for various plugins or otherwise special functions that would require the model to be created in a very specific way.- As a general rule, we will not re-rig an already rigged model. There are exceptions to this, but we judge on a case-by-case basis, and would have to make sure that everyone involved with the original art and rig have granted their permission for us to rig it again.- Likewise, we generally would prefer that other riggers do not re-rig models we have already worked on, but agreement to this occurring would be handled on a case-by-case basis.- We rig models primarily based on our professional experience, as well as the art that has been supplied to us, and then adjust to fit the intended direction of the client. While we always do our best to match that direction, we ask for your understanding that there could be technical limitations in how close we can match the artist’s intended concept.- We can not normally offer refunds. Exceptions being for whatever reason the project is being cancelled from our side due.