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// About.

We are Seiryu, a group of creative professionals with over 5 years of experience in Live2D.
Our service expands from Virtual Avatar (Vtubers) model creation services to model assets for Video Games.
Get to know us better by checking our members section.

Where to contact us

If you want to apply for a commission, please check the contact page for relevant information.
Otherwise feel free to tweet at us, or send us an e-mail with any questions!

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// FAQ.

Can you draw character models art / illustration?

No, our service is focused only on rigging and animating.

Can you do other Live2D work aside from Vtuber models?

At the moment our service and pricing are built around VTuber rigging services. However our members also have various of expertise with other Live2D type work like animated illustrations, stream assets, even video games assets. Contact us with your inquiries for custom work.

What program can I use for displaying my model?

Technically any Vtuber apps in the market can load your model, but our primary app of choice is VTube Studio.
Loading the model in other apps may gives unexpected behavior and we are unable to give support for other apps.
Please discuss with us beforehand if you want to use custom apps.

What other equipments I need for Vtubing?

Either an iPhone, or a simple Webcam. We recommend iPhones for best quality we can offer.

What is the overall flow of the project, and when will things need to be paid?

1. Checking of the model PSD file / scheduling / payment (at least 50%)
First we will check your model and give you an exact quote on the cost for your project, as well as instructions for adjustments that would be needed to rig the model as intended.
At this stage we would either ask that you request your artist to correct these, or ask us if we can handle these corrections.
If we are going to do the corrections (and are able to do so), there will be extra costs based on complexity and size of the corrections.
We will also discuss scheduling based on when the art adjustments can be finished, and your intended date of debut.
Once a schedule has been agreed on we will ask that you pay 50% of the project cost in advance. Once this has been paid, your project will be considered running and locked in.
2. Rigging
The rigger will create a rig for your model as discussed, and we might check in with you to make sure certain details are set and rigged as intended.
3. Full payment
Once the model nears completion (around 80% finished) we ask that the remaining 50% of the project cost is paid. Once paid, we will deliver the model as soon as it is ready for live use. If you have already paid everything up front we will simply let you know when your model nears completion.
4. Model completion
Once the finished model has been delivered, you will have time period of two weeks (14 days) to request rigging adjustments and corrections.
Please be aware that these adjustments are only for minor adjustments (e.g., model face tracking, physics, etc) anddo not include new additions or major changes.

What will be delivered to me when its done?

We will deliver the finished runtime model file, with the intention of it being used in mainly Vtube Studio.
We do not provide the project source file with some exceptions to corporate clients.

What if I want to keep my upcoming Vtuber model a secret?
(non-disclosure agreement / NDA)

If the project is supposed to be handled as a secret, there is a selection for that in the application form. Please select that.
This means that the rigger and Seiryu will not share any information or pictures of your model, up until you say it is fine that we do so, or when a public event such as a debut using the model is held, whichever comes first.
Once your model is public, we ask that the rigger is publicly credited, and ask that they are allowed to show pictures or short videos of work in progress on the rig, as work references.

Is there anything particularly expected from me as a client?

As per normal rigger-client-etiquette, we expect that the rigger for your project is credited for their work.
This is usually not a problem, as the lovely Vtuber community is often very open with this information.
If for some reason you do not want to / is unable to credit the main rigger or Seiryu for having worked on your model, that can be done (white-labeling) but would increase the price for the project.

// Terms of Service.


We are Seiryu, a collective of Live2D professionals specializing in virtual avatar and game animation development.
This Terms of Service applies to virtual avatars (Vtubers) model rigging services. Services beyond this scope may have different terms and requires a separate contract.


  • Individual Client: An individual that seeks commission service.

  • Corporate Client: A group of individuals under a legal business entity.

  • Rigger: A professional skilled in the process of model rigging, responsible for animating and creating movements based on given material by the Client.

  • Project Manager: Individual responsible for overseeing the entirety of the project and bridging communications with the Client and the Rigger.

  • Artist: Individual responsible for creating and preparing the Materials for the project.

  • Materials: The essential assets provided by the Client created by the Artist, in form of a properly layered PSD (Photoshop) files.

  • Cutting: A process of segmenting and dividing layers on the Materials for rigging process.

  • Deliverables: A compressed archive file consists of Live2D model files (*.moc3), VTube Studio configuration files, and additional configuration files if required (eg. VBridger config files).

  • Source Files: Collection of editable model files in Live2D Cubism format (*.cmo3).


  • Our services are not provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • We accept inquiries in both English and Japanese.

  • Individual clients can apply for a commission when our application window opens, which will be announced on our social media pages.

  • Corporate clients can forward their proposals to our email address for consideration.

  • Clients can request a specific rigger for their project, but this depends on the rigger's availability. In such cases, we might suggest alternative riggers or adjust the schedule based on the desired rigger's availability.

  • The price list on our website is for reference only. The actual cost may vary depending on project complexity.

  • We exclusively offer model rigging services and do not provide character design or art/illustration services.

  • We do not accept inquiries for re-rigging or modifications to existing Vtuber models. Some exceptions may apply, but it’s not a request we typically accommodate for regular clients.

  • Our supported Vtuber apps include Vtube Studio, VBridger, and iFacialMocap. We don't support other apps unless previously discussed.

  • Client must be over 18 and capable to pay and communicate by their own. If the Client is represented by a third party, please notify us in advance.


  • Once a client application is reviewed, we'll match clients with riggers based on their preferences.

  • Clients should have all necessary materials for their model, including character designs and a PSD file ready for rigging.

  • If the Client lacks the required materials at the time of application review, we'll set a hold period (up to 30 days) for them to prepare.

  • Clients are responsible for contacting the Artist and asks them to cooperate during the creation process.

  • If the provided materials don't meet our requirements, we might charge an additional processing fee for revision notes.

  • If the Artist is unable to cooperate during the rigging process, we might offer additional PSD correction fees. However, our correction capabilities might be limited to minor adjustments or cutting with no extensive redraws. In such cases, we may adjust the model's features to match the available materials.

  • If a Client fails to provide the necessary materials within the agreed timeframe, we may reject their application.

  • Projects are only accepted after the first invoice is delivered and paid.

  • We reserve the right to decline any applications at our discretion.


  • Once the Project started, Client will communicate with the Project Manager throughout the whole process over chosen way of communication channel (Discord DM or E-mails)

  • Under certain conditions or by request, the Project’s Rigger may also join in the communications channel.

  • The Rigger will report their work in progress as they are available. If the Client are expecting a regular updates, please inform the Project Manager. We may able to deliver a regular report up to weekly basis.

  • Seiryu members may stream or post the Model work-in-progress content on social media. If the Client prefer confidentiality, they should discuss this with the Project Manager.

  • Client are expected to be cooperative and responsive throughout the whole process.

  • If the Client are shown to be non-communicative for a long period, we may put the project on lower priority.


  • Upon project completion and full payment, we'll send the deliverables for review.

  • Clients should provide feedback within two weeks of receiving the deliverables.

  • After the feedback are provided, we will review the feedback and implement the changes when they are accepted.

  • We will try our best to make changes up to the Client satisfaction. However, when the revisions are deemed to be excessive and spanned through certain weeks, we may either charge additional fees or deny the request for further changes.

  • Seiryu reserves rights to decline revision for adding features that were not discussed within the application phase and/or if the request is deemed to be outside of the original scope of the project.


  • We will send the Deliverables as a compressed ZIP file on the communication channel.

  • To maintain our work integrity, Seiryu does not offer source files of the models for any reason. Exceptions may apply to Company/Corporate clients.

  • We will try our best to safeguard the Deliverables and Source project files on our managed Cloud services and offsite backups. However we cannot guarantee against external failures or accidental losses.

  • Clients are responsible to keep their own backups for the Deliverables.


  • Refunds are considered on case-by-case basis.

  • If the Client cancels the commission before any payment is paid, no future payments are due.

  • If the Client cancels the commission after the first invoice is paid, there will be no refund offered as the payment is made to cover the processing fees and existing progress.

  • If Seiryu unable to complete the commission because of the Rigger issues, we will discuss to transferring the work to other Seiryu members and adjustments in schedules.

  • In event of Seiryu unable to complete the project, we will offer partial refund based on current project completion.

  • The Client are required to inform us if they are willing to cancel or request a refund.

  • The Client are not allowed to issue chargebacks without any confirmation.


  • Seiryu members reserve the rights to post videos of the completed project on our social media accounts and websites with proper crediting to the Client and the Artists.

  • Client are free to use the deliverables for commercial for-profit purposes.

  • Credit to the Rigger social media handle is required when the Client publicly shown their model. Please put the credit on your social media/streaming platforms bio.

  • Client are required to inform Seiryu in event of ownership transfer of the Deliverables (e.g., selling the Model).


  • Client are expected to use the model as intended by the Rigger.

  • Client are expected to use apps that were specified on their application form. Please inform us if you are using different apps to control your Model.

  • Client should not alter the physics strength of their model as it may hinder the quality of the overall model. Please consult with Project Manager if you need any adjustments in the model physics.

  • Client are free to add new toggles or expressions by their own if the Vtuber app allows for such modifications, we only ask you to disclose to the viewers that the model has been modified, because your modification may reflect on the Rigger’s quality.

  • We may not be able to provide support to use additional plugins or apps to control your model that were not discussed during the creation process.

Last updated: September 18, 2023

// Prices.*



For Chibi / Super deformed characters

  • Full featured Physics

  • Torso Movement

  • Includes 3 basic facial expressions



Ideal for starting out. Focused on upper body movements

  • Full featured Physics

  • Upper Body Movement

  • 4 basic facial expressions



Our signature option. Bring your character to the fullest with full body movements

  • Full featured Physics

  • Upper and Lower Body Movement

  • Extra movement options (Hips, Legs, etc)

  • 4 basic facial expressions

// Add-ons

The costs for options can vary a lot, depending on the base model complexity. The following costs are intended as base lines, and we will have to assess your application to give specific quotes.

+ Vbridger mouth400+ USD
+ Static simple toggle50+ USD
+ Animated toggle100+ USD
+ Custom Animations100+ USD
+ Extra outfit / hairTBD

*Company/Agency clients may have different pricing rates. Contact us for price quotes.

If there is anything not covered here, please let us know in your application what you would like to add.

// Contact.

If you want us to handle your project, we would love to!
We open our guild commission form around every 3-6 months.
We accept inquiries in English and Japanese (日本語).

Current status: Open for Inquiries

When we open commissions, it will take a couple of weeks for us to go through the applications and create a preliminary schedule
We will then contact the projects that would fit into our schedule for the current period, to confirm all the details.
Once it seems like we won't be able to fit any more projects into our current schedule we will close commissions until the next period.

// Showcase.

Seiryu Live2D Guild Showcase